Most of the startup advice out there is pretty clear: get feedback early and often. Customer input is invaluable to delivering iter0, your MVP, feature releases that matter, bug fixes, utility and simplicity.

In Customer Success, a lot of the job is review and advise so a customer can hit their definition of awesome. Inevitably, if we see a customer who isn’t using the product right, we advise them how to get the most bang for their buck.

Sometimes, they advise us back.

So, our story begins…we’ve created a product that helps organizations large and small in their cybersecurity journey…

While defending Air Force networks, we’d be assessed by a Department of Defense (DoD) group with a congressional mandate to report back on the cybersecurity state of our unclassified and classified networks.

They would cordially coordinate with us, then bring in an Aggressor Squadron or NSA Red Team…and pwn us. Always. They’d harvest a credential from an Airman at some other base in a different operation, use it to log in, land, expand, and tell us about it later.


Because they could. It was easier than employing a zero day Remote Code Execution (RCE). Their approach to testing our…

Monti Knode

Cyber Attack Executive | Information Technology Strategist | Air Force Veteran | Learn-It-All

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